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What is a Web Application in Java programming language?

A Web Application also sometimes referred as Web app, is an application that is often accessed using a Web browser over a network such as Internet etc. Many of the World's best web applications are written in PERL and PHP, Java remains most widely used programming language for writing Web applications. When ever we are using a Web based enterprise application Java is most reliable programming language that comes to our mind.

Java EE 5/6/7 provides several useful components such as Java Server Pages, Java Server Faces, Servlets, client-side applets, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Enterprise JavaBeans and other web service technologies for writing scalable and enterprise Web applications.

Usually a Web application can be defined as a hierarchy of directories and files in a standard and logical layout. There are usually two ways into which the hierarchies can be accessed:

  1. UnPacked Form : In the unpacked form way, a web application is organized in such a way that each file and directory exists in file system separately. Generally it is used and accessed during application development.
  2. Packed Form : In the packed form way, a web application is organized in such a way that all the directories and sub-directories are zipped together in a packed form known as a Web Archive or WAR file. It is usually done when we are ready to distribute application to be installed.
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