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"Online Tweeter Enterprise Application" : Creating an Enterprise Application with EJB 3.1 in Netbeans - Part 0

This section of blog teaches you how to develop a Java EE 6 enterprise application in NetBeans IDE. It also helps you understand some of the EJB 3.1 technology features. In this section of blog you will create an Enterprise Application called as "Online Tweeter Enterprise Application".

Software Requirements

In order to develop this application you will need following softwares:

1. JDK version 6 or 7
2. NetBeans 7.0, 7.1 or 7.2 version
3. MySQL above 5.x
4. MySQL Connector/J above 5.x.x Driver jar

Note: All above softwares are available free of download from their respective owner site. Kindly download them for developing this application. ,  

Online Tweeter Enterprise Application - It is a simple Java EE application that allows user to post tweets and receive tweets from the database. It can also allow other users to view tweets posted by the current users. It also allows other users to tweet and notify other users about their statuses.

This application will contain two modules such as EJB module and Web module. In this series tutorials say in parts you will get step by step procedure of developing this application. It will start with EJB module which will contain a Entity class, a Session Bean for Entity class and a Message Driven Bean. After EJB module, you will develop Web module which will have JSP and Servlets, along with a singleton session bean.

The Online Tweeter enterprise application is divided into 3 tiers such as :

1. Web Tier: It will have JSPs and Servlets for the presentation view of the application.

2. Business Tier: It will have EJB module for the business logic consisting of Enterprise Java Beans.

3. EIS Tier: It just represent persistent layer where all the tweets by an user will be stored.

All of the above modules will be packaged into a EAR archive. Web module will go in WAR archive. EJB module will go in JAR archive.

Since it is a big application to develop, you will have to go through series of posts getting published as parts such as ("AppName"+"TopicName"+Part 1 or 2 or 3 and so on. Here is a walk through of such posts :

To start with :

Part 1: Creating the Enterprise Application in NetBeans IDE.

Part 2: EJB module - Creating a persistence Unit for application 

Part 3: EJB module - Creating an Entity class.

Part 4: EJB module - Creating a Message Driven Bean

Part 5: EJB module - Creating a Stateless Session Bean

Part 6: Web module - Creating a JSP

Part 7: Web module - Creating a Singleton Session Bean

Part 8: Web module - Creating the Servlet 

Part 9: Web module - Creating yet another Servlet

Part 10: Build and Run enterprise application

So lets start/continue this application with part 1.

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