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Java 7 new feature - Binary Literals

Program to demonstrate Java 7 new feature - Binary Literals.


public class BinaryLiterals {

 public static void main(String[] args) {
  // Before Java 7
  // In order to use Binary Numbers as Integral types
  // Integer class static method parseInt was used. 
  // This method Parses the string argument as a signed 
  // integer in the radix specified by the second argument.
  int number = Integer.parseInt("1011", 2);
  System.out.println("The value of number is : " + number);
  // After Java 7
  // Binary Literals were introduced which were represented by
  // prefix such as 0b and 0B. The prefix denoted that number
  // coming after that is binary number
  int number2 = 0b1011;  // 0b or 0B
  System.out.println("The value of number2 is : " + number2);


Output of the program : 


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