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How to convert Decimal number to Binary number and vice versa in Java ?.

Program to implement how to convert Decimal number to Binary number and vice versa in Java.

package com.hubberspot.convertors;

public class DecimalToBinary {

 public static void main(String[] args) {

  // Create a decimal number
  int decimalNumber = 345;

  // In order to convert a number from decimal
  // to binary we use Integer class static method 
  // toBinaryString() , it returns back a string 
  // representation of binary value of the parameter
  // passed to it
  String binary = Integer.toBinaryString(decimalNumber);

  // printing out the converted value on the console
  System.out.println("Binary value of the " + decimalNumber + " is : " 
    + binary);

  // In order to convert binary number back to decimal number
  // we use Integer class static method by name parseInt()
  // it takes a string parameter which is binary string and 
  // second parameter as the radix which is decimal format
  int originalDecimalNumber =  Integer.parseInt(binary, 2);

  // printing out the binary and decimal number
  System.out.println("Decimal value of the " + binary + " is : " 
    + originalDecimalNumber);



Output of the program : 

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